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Workfow for Editing AIB video:


The expectation is that we publish a new video every Monday morning.

To do this, our editor(s) need raw video, translation, and INTRO a week before the publish date. How do we do this? Let's work out a clear workflow.


  1. Iraqi correspondent sends DV tapes to SWN in Philadelphia via DHL.
  2. Steve digitizes the tapes.
  3. Steve puts a low bit-rate timecode'd video online for the translator.
  4. The translator downloads the material and translates and transcripts in arabic the entire material.
  5. Brian provides the text for the entry that will rest on the site, as well as any short intro material that may be necessary.
  6. After an edit is finished, the editor needs to encode it for the web and e-mail the link to the edit team.
  7. Once things are finalized, Steve compresses an iPod compatible file, a QuickTime file, and a Windows Media file. Those are then uploaded to Blip.tv where they are hosted. Blip also transcodes the video into Flash.
  8. Once the videos are posted to Blip, the blog post needs to be updated with all the custom fields necessary to make use of the UFO 'Splode Wordpress theme. This gives us RSS feeds for each media type.


The link below explains how Verdi compressed material into 3ivx for sharing over the net. The videos to look really good for file trasnfer:

Media-Collaboration Wiki (PW: password)

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