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Story ideas for AIB

Page history last edited by PBworks 15 years, 9 months ago

Story Ideas:


At the top we will list the current stories in Production, after they are produced they will be marked and put to the bottom, as well as added to the list of available stories.


May 2008




1. The new council in Hawr Rajab

2. Samara Story About the Imam Askary Shrine (Nabeel claims this story is finished)

3. The school kids story

4. The Gas Station Story (for MobLogic)


Isam Rasheed:


Proposed Stories for this month which are unassigned(no staffer has agreed to them):


(These for Isam)

1. What is the current security situation like in Sunni areas of Baghdad since the establishment of the Sahwa last fall?

2. What are the schools in Karkh looking like, have they improved since the presence of the Sahwa?

3. Waht is the role of Sunnis in the Army and Police?

4. A story about another Sahwa outside Adhamiya


(These for others:)

1. The new wall in Sadr City

2. The nearby missile strike by Sadr Hospital in Sadr City

3. What is the situation in Sadr City today with the siege?



Here are a list of unproduced episodes for Alive in Baghdad, if you'd like to add to this list please first add it to the viewer suggestion page.

  1. Trying to make AiB work
  2. Kids playing video games
  3. How has the war affected religious practice
  4. What types of guns and other methods do Iraqis employ for security
  5. How is the war impacting youth
  6. A day at an Iraqi community newspaper
  7. Iraqi Police on patrol
  8. Baghdad's electricity difficulties
  9. Baghdad's water difficulties
  10. A short history of Sunni and Shi'a in Baghdad
  11. The Life of a Bookshop Owner
  12. Women's life under occupation
  13. Life as a Taxi Driver in Baghdad
  14. Iraqi Cooking
  15. The state of commerce in Baghdad
  16. What is the gas situation in Baghdad
  17. Stories about workers(industrial)
  18. Are there Labor Unions in Iraq
  19. Love and dating: how's it work
  20. How do people get jobs (where do people work)
  21. What do grocery stores look like
  22. What does Iraqi money look like (how much is it worth)
  23. Interview Iraqis about the new 600,000+ dead statistic

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