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Record of AIB Money

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 2 months ago

In the spirit of full disclosure, a cash flow statement.


The first dates will be marked N/A just to bring us up to date


Salaries are paid out at the end of the month, July paid first week of August, August paid first week of September, etc.


IDDateTransactionCash InCash OutBalanceNote
01N/AMurray Grant$4,610$4,610This is minus fees from UCIMC, need to follow up
0208-01July Salary Payment$902$3,708Salaries for Omar-500, Marwan-300,and partial shipping-40, plus wire fees
0309-01August Salary Payment$1,000$2,708Salaries for Omar-500, Basheer-400, and partial shipping-40, plus wire fees
0409/04Debt Resolution-Salary$1,530$1,178July/August Salary for Isam-1000, June Salary for Omar-500, bank wire-30
0509/04AliveBroadcast Donation$200$1,378Alive Broadcast donated $200 to set up DSL internet for 1-2 correspondents in Baghdad in exchange for webcam photos of baghdad life
0610/08Paypal Donation$5.00$1,3835.00 Donation from Verdi
0710/09Paypal Donation$25.00$1,40825.00 Donation form SteveShaner
0810/10Account Reconciliation$186.00$1,222Reconciling Bank Balance Error
0910/10Paypal Owed by Urbana$406.28$1,628.08Total funds currently owed to AiB by Urbana, our fiscal sponsor
1010/10Paypal Donation$48.25$1,676.33Donation from Dave Kendall, Thirdnormal.com-see note*
1110/10Paypal Donation$23.97$1,700.30Donation from Paul Loop
1210/12Paypal Donation$96.80$1,797.10Donation from Callender Wes
1310/20Paypal Donation18.921816.02Donation from James Burke
1410/20Paypal Donation96.801912.82Doation from Markus Sandy, Apperceive
1510/27Paypal Donation18.921931.74Donation from T-Squared Software Inc.
1610/27Salary/DSL Payment1312.00619.74Salary payment, Isam and Omar 500/each +62.00 xfer fee, +250 for DSL
1710/27Donation from Personal Acct185.00784.74
1710/27Translation Payment165.00639.74Translation payment, Rafat Jaiosy +$15 transfer
1810/29Paypal Donation9.41649.15Donation from John Muller
1911/5Skype Credit25.00624.15Skype Credit to call correspondents
2011/6Paypal Donation23.97648.12Dave Burstein
2111/7Paypal Donation.67648.79Paul Whitmore
2211/10Loan to SWN143.69505.10Loan to SWN for Alive in Mexico Cameras
22?Loan2500.003005.10Loan from Eowyn, for Robert Millis Donation
2311/11Paypal Donation9.413014.51Alex Neihaus
2411/11Paypal Donation18.923033.43S.A.M.
2511/16Wire Transfer2060.00973.432000.00 Transfer-1500 Salaries, 500 expenses
26Wire Transfer2500.003473.432500 Transfer from Urbana, Rob Millis Donation
2711/19Paypal Donation18.923492.35Philip Xu
2811/20Paypal Donation9.413501.76Visa Fristrom
2911/25Paypal Donation1.643503.40Jeff Merrow
3011/29Paypal Donation18.923522.32Timothy Hughes
3111/29Paypal Donation9.413531.73James Gentle
3211/30Paypal Donation48.253579.98Len Edgerly
3312/1Paypal Donation38.543618.52George Mason
3412/3Paypal Donation19.123637.64Christopher Maytag
3512/4Paypal Donation18.923656.56Donnette Rushworth
3612/4Paypal Donation4.553661.11Michael Hurwicz
3712/8Paypal Donation4.503665.61Aaron Demortier
3812/8Paypal Donation18.923684.53Christine Task
3912/8Paypal Donation9.413693.94George Taylor
4012/8Paypal Donation14.113708.05Martin Stricker
4112/9Paypal Donation48.253756.30RL Sassoon
4212/9Loan to SWN306.423449.88Loan/Purchases for AiB/SWN(27.43)
4312/10Paypal Donation48.253498.13Robert Halper
4412/11Paypal Donation23.973522.10khiem do
4512/12Paypal Donation191.903714.00Milan Sulc
4612/12Paypal Donation18.923732.92Simone Kurtzke
4712/12Paypal Donation23.973756.89Pat Crosby
4812/15Loan to AiM280.753476.14Loan to Alive in Mexico
4912/19Paypal Donation48.253524.39Michael Anne Conley
5012/20Paypal Donation96.803621.19Gary Marshall
5112/22Paypal Donation9.313630.50Leslie Wray
5212/26Paying Loan to Brian-$6(5.98)5.983624.52Debt to Brian 179.00
5312/26Paypal Donation23.973648.49Primitive Inc.
5412/27Paypal Donation9.413657.90Leslee J Shaw
5512/28Paypal Donation23.973681.87Groundlevel Software
5612/28Paypal Donation.663682.53Thorsten Gronenberg
5712/28Paypal Donation4.553,687.08Michael Polacheck
5812/28Paypal Donation19.123,706.20Kenneth Ramirez
5912/29Paypal Donation48.253,754.45Adam Nee
601/1Paypal Donation4.553,759.00Brendan Bogosian
611/2Paypal Donation19.123,778.12Steve Hanna
621/2Paypal Donation23.973,802.09Lorin Phenis
631/2Paypal Donation4.553,806.64Peter Raines
641/5Paypal Donation95.803,902.44Golineh Attai
651/9Paypal Donation9.413,911.85Liamssoft
661/9Paypal Donation23.973,935.82Michael Seaver
671/10Salary Payment813.003,122.82Payment to Isam Rasheed, Nov/Dec
681/10Debt Payment10.003,112.82Debt to Brian 169.00
691/10Paypal Donation48.253,161.07Andy Coon
701/11Paypal Donation9.413,170.48Fintan Hynes
711/11Airfare to Vloggies500.003,670.48Podtech 500 towards airfare
721/12Airfare Payment-Brian330.003,340.48Brian owed 330.00 for covering his airfare to Vloggies, reimbursed by Podtech
731/16Paypal Donation 47.753,388.23M J Szpakowski
741/19Skype Credit25.003,363.2325.00 Skype for calls to Baghdad
751/19Paypal Donation9.413,372.64Ronald Couch
761/19Paypal Donation19.123,391.76Thomas Tucker
771/19Paypal Donation9.413,401.17Alan Willard
781/21Paypal Donation4.503,405.67Paul Murphy
791/21Paypal Donation47.753,453.42Ignacio Espejo
801/21Paypal Donation48.253,501.67Steve Nenninger
811/23Paypal Donation23.973,525.64Luau King
821/23Paypal Transfer3,525.64Transfer 1292.63 to Bank Acct
831/24Paypal Donation23.973,549.61Debra Hall
841/25Paypal Donation23.973,573.58Julia Mariani
851/26TrainFareforBBCproject124.003,459.58Train fare to Philly for BBCproject, BBC is reimbursing
861/30HardDriveforBBCproject224.653,348.93Drive for BBCproject, BBC is reimbursing
87Salary and Debt Payment1000.002348.93434.00 Salary Payment December/January for Neghem, 400 + 34 transfer 564.00 of 2500.00 debt to Eowyn
882/6Paypal Donation.672349.60Susan Stillwell
892/7Paypal Donation19.122368.72fred elliott
902/8Paypal Donation9.412378.13maxim mcdonald
912/8Paypal Donation96.802474.93Remi Gabillet
922/18Paypal Donation23.972498.90
932/18Skype Credit25.002443.90Skype Credit for calling Baghdad
943/1Paypal Donation23.722467.62
953/11Paypal Donation48.252525.87
963/14Paypal Donation66.972592.84
973/23Paypal Donation18.922611.76Kathryn Rogers
983/23Paypal Donation19.122630.88Anton Denner
993/25Paypal Donation480.203111.08Docfilm MacDocman Productions
1003/31/07Paypal Donation61.833172.91jane mercaldi
1014/3/07Paypal Donation9.313182.22Serina Yamazaki
1024/3/07Paypal Donation95.803278.02Mathew Shaw
1034/3/07Paypal Donation23.973301.99JoDee Voorhees
1044/4/07Paypal Donation18.923320.91Richard Nicholls
1054/5/07Skype Credit25.003295.91Skype Credit for calling Baghdad
1064/8/07Paypal Donation48.253344.16Trisha Parekh

1074/8/07Paypal Donation96.80|3440.96Matthew Yglesias

1084/9/07Paypal Donation4.553445.51Michael Jensen
1094/10/07Paypal Donation4.553450.06Peter Swift
1104/11/07Skype Credit25.003425.06Skype purchase for calling Baghdad
1114/13/07Paypal Donation9.413434.47Tam Ly
1124/16/07Paypal Donation18.923453.39Matiss Valdmanis




Immediate Debt$2,500
Longstanding Debts
1 - Loan $500
2 - Credit Card Debt $2,000
Total Debt $5,000


Currently the balance reflects total $$$ in Paypal and the DBA account.


Account Balances
DBA Account $497.87
Paypal Account $944.06
Urbana Account $406.28
In Transfer 0
Owed to Self 179.00
Total Balance2029.62
Total after Debt to self1667.05


Note-Paid 296.53 to United Wholesale for 2 JVC cameras for Alive in Mexico, owe 143.69 back to AiB from SWN - Brian also loaned 152.84 to SWN/AiM


Note-Alive in Mexico/SWN now owes Alive in Baghdad 163.69+6000.00 pesos

I have paid out 379.11 to myself, and will transfer to the DBA upon reception.

10/27-Paid 400.00 to the DBA from personal account.


*We have upgraded to a premier paypal account, this means we have to pay 2.9%+.30 on all donations, but enables us to take donations from Credit and Debit Cards.

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