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Jay Dedman

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Over the last 10 years, Jay Dedman has continued to find new ways to help independent media creators connect into larger, collaborative groups.


He began as a writer and producer of local news in Cincinnati and Atlanta. After working at CNN International, he became discouraged with the coverage and worked as a freelance journalist in the Democratic Republic of Congo where he first tried to use the internet to publish video showing how people live in a country at war.


Returning to New York, he landed a job at Manhattan Neighborhood Network, one of the leading public access stations in the US. He continued his experiments with putting video on the web until he found that blogging was the perfect distribution method. in 2004, he cofounded the Videoblogging Group.


He has since helped orchestrate Vloggercon, HMWV (a cool way to raise money for vloggers!), SpinXpress, Node101, and a book.


He sees distributive production as the next evolution of web video. Instead of each of us making videos in our bedrooms alone, we can now work together to make work that rivals what we currently see on commercial TV. AIB is a great example of this new kind of collaboration.


You can see his work at Momentshowing and RyanisHungry.

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