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How to translate a tape for AIB

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Current Workflow:


  1. - Tapes are received from Iraq via DHL shipments.
  2. - Footage is logged and captured.
  3. - Segments are prepared and exported in a low res segment with timecode and uploaded to the net for download by the translator.
  4. - Transcripts with timecode are sent via e-mail to editor to be used for subtitling.



Editor Requests to the Translators:

Here's a description of how we'd like tapes translated so the editors can easily integrate translations into the weekly video.


  1. - The one thing that helps the most for an editor that doesn't speak Arabic is to provide lots of timecode. Preferably between each sentence and/or at any pause in the speech. The goal everyone should shoot for is to update the timecode information every 10 seconds at a minimum.


  1. - Spelling and grammar are really important. It takes a lot of time to place the subtitles on the video and proofreading is not something easily done at the same time. Making changes to spelling and grammar after putting in the subtitles sometimes causes a ripple of changes to be needed. It works best when we can just copy and paste the text from a document into Final Cut Pro.


We understand good translations are not easy to come by but we hope that these requests can be taken into consideration as they'll make the quality of the end product substantially quicker to produce.


Translator Requests to the Editors:


Please let us know what we can do to help make the translation process as painless as possible on your end.

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