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How has the war affected religious practice

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1. How has the war affected religious practice?


for the people who go to pray at the church or mosque:


Are people going to church/mosque more or less?

Is it difficult for people to go to pray?

what are the challenges for the people who go to pray at the church or mosque?


for the religious leaders-(priests and imams)


how has the war affected your prayers? are there more or less people attending?


what are the biggest difficulties facing the religious places now?


what place do the religious groups have in the war?


what steps are you taking to ensure your community can make it to their prayers?


what is the government doing to help?


what else would you like to say about religion's place or importance now in Baghdad?


Can you describe in a simple way what your religious ceremonies/prayer service is like?


Here are the shots we need for this story:

Interviews with some religious leaders, and with some people who go to pray, christians and muslims.

shots of religious buildings around baghdad for the different groups

shots of people at prayers or going to their church or mosque

various shots of churches and mosques

pictures of the prophet or the imams and other religious items for people

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