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Describe each correspondent:


Omar Abdullah

Age: 22-23


Talents: fluent in english, many civil society contacts particularly with women's groups and artists/writers through his mother, great technical and web/computer skills, takes orders and direction on technique well.


How Brian met the correspondent: He and his brother Mhyar worked with the Christian Peacemaker Teams, who met them while doing interviews with former detainees. Omar was detained for 3 months in 03 or 04, his brother Mhyar was detained for 11 months.


Brian's experience: Omar has great drive and a dedication to his country. He is also incredibly bored and needs something to focus his energy on. He has a tendency to get really excited, but has a little trouble with solid follow-through. He has turned in tape for full stories from the initial direction, but has not had enough direction of late to produce a full piece. If given a month to work on one story, I believe he will flourish, while also providing interesting vignette content throughout.




Isam Rasheed

Age: 33


Talents: Attended a (3 month?) workshop in Scotland on video production and skills. Has some rudimentary knowledge of video editing(Adobe Premiere). He worked initially with Channel 4 out of the UK just after the invasion of Iraq. He has been doing video for a number of outlets since soon after the invasion. He is knowledgeable about composition and journalistic style.


How Brian met the correspondent: Isam knew all the indy journalists I knew and consulted with before travelling to Iraq. I met him while Omar and I were interviewing Omar's mother, who worked at the Women's Will Body. Isam had arrived to interview a colleague of Omar's mother. We spoke with him and I provided him some pointers on shooting video. He offered to shoot some tapes for us and I have been working with him ever since. We have produced a dozen or more articles for Inter Press Service, and Isam has also contributed a number of tapes since the initial trip.


Brian's experience: Isam is still a bit in the old world, he is a pretty traditional Muslim and has a tendency to feel slighted if proper courtesies are not provided and schedules are not maintained. These can be schedules for communication, payment, or providing work assignments. Isam's content however is good, and he is very solid about providing work and coming through on his assignments or obligations. He has been unclear about how much time he has for work, but certainly ought to be able to provide material for one or more stories a month-he may even be able to work as a double time correspondent, at the same pay or just slightly more.



Marwan Ghasan

Age: 22?


Talents: young, active, willing to take risks, knowledgeable about technology and the city. Our only Shi'a correspondent.


How Brian met the correspondent: I interviewed Marwan on my last day in Baghdad, about his father's run in with an armed gang who attacked him. We initially believed his father had been killed, but Marwan assured us he was just injured.


Brian's experience: He is thoughtful enough to emphasize the necessity of blending in and disguise on the street, as he and Omar were saying goodbye to me, he cautioned me not to wear a baseball cap in the middle of a number of Iraqis. while caps are common enough, one will stand out if he is the only one in a crowd. He is also brave, and perhaps a little bit crazy. He is totally willing to continue working with AiB despite his harrowing kidnap experience last week. He is also incredibly generous and has insisted that his first payment go to replace the camera that was smashed when he was kidnapped.




Currently we are paying Marwan 150 salary and 150 expenses. I believe after the first month we should raise it to 400 total. However, if Marwan cannot do interviews and can only gather b-roll, we'll have to decide how best to proceed. Omar has been paid 700, which would be his normal monthly pay, 500 salary and 200 expenses, however he has foregone his salary for the time being, taking the 700 as his expenses for three months, starting in July. Isam has not been paid yet, but should be paid this month, and is currently being paid the same rate as Omar, 500 salary 200 expenses. Omar knows a man in Baghdad who is willing to translate however much material we give him(to a point) for $400 US/month.


What questions do you have at this point? I will contact Isam about finding a correspondent to work with us, as well as examining other options.

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